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One day Charlie came upon some jugglers playing in a meadow. ?Hmmm,? said Charlie "that could be a momentary distraction.?

Three years later, having run away with a circus and traveled the world, Charlie finds himself in San Francisco at tourist mecca Pier 39, watching an outdoor stage act... ?That looks fun? mused Charlie.

Two and a half years and several thousand shows later Charlie is asked to audition for a role in ?Sugar Babies? with Rip Taylor and Carol Lawrence. ?That sounds interesting? says Charlie.

After his run in "Sugar Babies", at Harrahs South Lake Tahoe, it was on to Paris, Sydney, Branson, Honolulu, Montreal... Television, corporate, stage, cabaret, cruise ships, more crowds, more laughs and more fun!

And so it goes. More shows, more stories. The stories are one of the best parts- that unexpected Kung Fu battle, the thing with the tutu and the chainsaw, those riots in Morocco... well, suffice it to say that the stories still grow.

Over the last 15 years his repertoire and costume rack have grown, His latest being the all black garb and silly puns of the ?Flying Karamazov Brothers? . Boy, are there some stories there!

The rest of the time he spends in Portland, Oregon with his lovely gal Zephyr and his cats Crouton and Rumple (sometimes refered to as the "Tiny Bipolar Carnivorous Ponies") He loves them dearly, despite the fur issue. He still loves to perform his solo show to audiences on stages across the world, leaving laughs and gathering stories. Who knows, maybe you?ll be in one... or vise versa (cat fur optional).

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"I would highly recommend Charlie for any type of function for which a comedian fits the bill. His entertainment style will appeal to people of all areas and backgrounds. He is an extraordinary performer. I think anyone who is lucky enough to attend one of Mr. Brown's performances will come away with a sense of having witnessed a very special human being."
—John Magnusson, Human resources director, US Telecom