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The minimum stage area should be 8 x 12 feet. Ceiling height should be at least 10 feet.
A sound system may be required depending on audience and venue size. I usually bring a wireless microphone and the rest of the sound system is provided by the hirer. If other arrangements are needed please contact me.
If fire juggling is requested it is the responsibility of the hirer to clear it with all agencies involved and the venue. The hirer must check with the venue about the sprinkler systems and fire alarms. If flying to the show is required enough advanced notice must be given to allow shipping of all fire juggling equipment by ground transportation. An address will be required for the shipping and storing of the fire equipment.
A blackout of the venue is required for the glow in the dark light swinging routine to have its fullest effect.
Parking within a reasonable distance from the venue or direct access to the loading bay of the venue is required.

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"Stagehands, break his thumbs."
—Dmitri Karamazov of the "Flying Karamazov Brothers"